Rental of Food Truck for sale, market and festival

Communication agency for bars, cafés or restaurants, we propose you the rental of Food Truck in order to arouse the interest of your products towards a nomadic public

You can use our Food Trucks as a trailer and generate interest in your products and become a rallying point at a festival.
Put your logo on it, decorate it with artificial plants for the summer season.
Sell products that are representative of your business.
You are a rallying point during a festival or event of regional scope, it will be the meeting place for your usual customers and their friends.
Aim for the profitability of your communication, a Food Truck is an example of a communication that allows a direct return on investment.

A Food Truck is:

  • 360° visibility during a festival or market

    You are visible and identifiable from afar and your brand and products are highlighted.

  • A design according to your activity:

    The Food Truck is decorated to the colour of your products.

  • A material integration: fridge, plate, electricity, stainless steel...

    Everything you need to sell drinks and dishes to standards.

  • Visibility for a product or business launch

    You want to advertise a new product, use a Food Truck and reach more customers.

  • A direct profitability of your communication

    Advertise your products by getting a direct return on investment.

  • You move where your customers are located

    Become the meeting point at a festival or market for your loyal customers and their friends and reach your prospects directly.

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