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Creating regular events is the best way to build customer loyalty and word of mouth, it is a festive experience for your customers and the best way to promote the quality of your products. Not to mention that you are part of your city’s cultural network, but the other side of the coin is that it takes a lot of energy and time.

Our collaboration allows you to get rid of this work effort. We design your flyers and communication materials, take care of the management of online agendas and animate your social networks.
We can also offer you artists and ensure direct communication with them by informing them about the identity of your bar, but also about the technical details: the sound equipment, for example.

You want to save time while continuing to create regular events in your hotel and catering business and attract new customers.
You need local or international DJs or artists for your events, artists who can adapt to any audience and atmosphere.
Photo reports of your events that highlight your products and the hospitality of your hotel and catering establishment, to be shared on social networks.

You want to establish a precise calendar for the communication of your hotel and catering events and to use this communication on flyers, online agendas or your social networks and to arouse the interest of the press?

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You want to create more events and attract new customers. We help you create regular recurring events. We provide you with artists and DJs, no matter what the trend of your bar, the artists we work with are eclectic and their professionalism allows them to adapt to each audience and atmosphere.

Our food marketing agency will design for you a creative event that reflects your image. Trust our know-how to get your message across and make your word of mouth last. Our agency has a fleet of equipment and our teams enable us to provide services such as concerts, performances, fashion shows or product launches.

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