A communication agency for the hotel and catering industry

Your bar, café or restaurant is several years old, so you certainly already have a visual identity that defines you and that you love, we do not change anything, our job is to exploit its strengths to promote your business.

Visual identity, photo and graphic design

We adapt your visual identity (logo, typography, colour code…) on all the communication media we create: Flyers, leaflets, menus, websites, social networks or packaging.
We create illustrations to dress your brand and make it unique

We take pictures of your flagship products and those you want to promote, we take pictures of your events in order to share them on social networks and enjoy the virality of Facebook or Instagram tags.

We can also act as an intermediary for your press relations, your partners or the artists who play in your establishment.
A last minute update of your menu or a price change? A phone call or email and your menu is updated and printed.

You want to have a complete and coherent visual identity from your menu to your website.
You want your visitors to enjoy browsing your site and social networks and come back again.
You would like to have all the tools in hand to communicate effectively and promote your service.
Photos that highlight your products, your customers and the good atmosphere of your hotel and catering business.

A flyer service for bars, cafés and restaurants

If you are a manager of a bar, café or restaurant, you know the importance of communicating about your products and events using the flyer as a printed medium or as an illustration format on social networks. It is inexpensive to print and easy to distribute.

We use our creativity to make your flyer the most original and set you apart from your competitors.
We pay particular attention to ensuring that the touch is pleasant, the shape is attractive, and that the flyer can play with our five senses.

We consider the target you want to reach in order to attract them with visuals that are close to them.
A strong and powerful message that highlights your products or events must be present.
We make it animated for Facebook and Instagram to capture the attention of your followers on social networks.
Distribute at events similar to yours or similar to the artists performing in your area.

Description of the Flyers creation fee:

Flyer creation


  • Creative research based on a brief
  • Flyer event or product of the month
  • Classic format or Facebook cover format
  • One side
  • Up to 3 touch-ups
  • PDF format ready to be printed

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Service included in our monthly offer


A basic monthly fee that includes managing your social networks, encoding your events on online calendars, correcting when necessary your menu or other promotional material.
Also included are the services of flyer creation, as well as the development of your website.

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Present your bar, café or restaurant with visuals that inspire confidence. Expand your business and attract your ideal customers.
Our collaboration allows you to get rid of this workload and gain in efficiency and time.

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