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A communication agency for cultural centre

Your cultural programming and communication plan are one

You wish to collaborate with a communication agency for cultural centre, the benefits are important, this will allow you to act quickly, to organize yourself in advance and to establish a project schedule that takes into account your communication plan.

Our expertise covers various fields: theatre, music, dance, art galleries, festivals and cultural events.

Our services ensure the consolidation of your visual identity, content creation, social media management and the development of a digital marketing strategy.
But also the creation of press releases, printed promotional materials, website creation and referencing on search engines.

Website for theatre, dance and performance shows

Give visibility to your show by creating a website, it is an ideal and practical visibility to share with professionals, the press, your partners and the public, they will not have to look for information scattered on social networks.
Pitch, photos, trailers, press, everything is centralized on your site, you can also allow your press attaché to upload: press kit, posters, flyers and other documents to share with the press and your professional partners.

This is a good point for the referencing of your show on search engines, you can also share the website of your show on your posters and flyers.

Creation and edition of Newsletters for cultural centres

We create a newsletter theme based on your graphic charter and on the visuals of your artists, your exhibitions and your news.
We can also develop the editorial part of your newsletter, send us your news, artist biography, upcoming cultural programming and we write the newsletter of your cultural center by adding relevant “call to action” that will call your readers to contact you, reserve a place, follow you on social networks.

Community management and social networks

We manage your events on Facebook, from creation to publishing, we also add your events to most online calendars.
If you need flyers, illustration images, posters, animated images to maintain your subscribers and give visibility to your cultural programming, we can do it.
Being present dynamically on social networks is the assurance of developing an active community around your cultural project.

Communication audit

Go through a cultural communication agency like ours for a communication audit, allows you to benefit from a new and critical look at your communication plan, we can together reflect on ways to improve it if necessary.
By analysing your presence on the web and through a precise brief, we can define your identity, the characteristics of your project and its level of awareness among different targets.

Editorial :

You want to set up a personalised editorial committee and ensure that all the editorial needs of your project are met: publications on social networks, artists’ portraits, seasonal brochures, newsletters, personalised magazines, interviews, content and website articles.

The various members of driiing all have a tropism for cultural and urban life, so it is spontaneously that we offer our services to cultural centres, our communication agency for cultural centres located in Brussels wants to put goodwill and collective intelligence as well as the sharing of resources as pillars of a sustainable collaborative exchange. At your disposal, we support and advise you in the search for solutions that correspond to your own business.

Driiing also works with a collective of graphic designers, plastic artists and illustrators in order to imagine and build communication media adapted to your project: illustrations, clips, reports, teasers, animated films, posters, street art…
Together, we provide artistic direction: selection of illustrators, scriptwriting, storyboards, production follow-up to ensure the visibility of your identity and current events.

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By going to this page, you can download our resources at your disposal: brief sheets, questionnaires, reminders, persona sheets…

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