We support you in the communication of your restaurant.

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    Expanding your audience allows you to increase your customers!

    Tripadvisor, Facebook, online local agendas, flyer distribution and more, put your communication plan into action and make it sustainable by optimizing your investment.
    A mastered communication plan makes you talk about yourself, activates word of mouth about the quality of your products and makes quality comments about your restaurant flourish.
    Create a community around your activity and enhance it!

    Build customer loyalty with engaging and quality content!

    Promote your restaurant or bar with quality content adapted to the social networks your targets use because more than 80% of the customers are now looking for their restaurant, bar or café online.
    Your restaurant is a passion, a story to tell that allows you to create a link with your audience, local, tourist or passing through, in short, build customer loyalty.
    We monitor the results throughout the duration of our collaboration to validate the achievement of the objectives set.

    Frequently asked questions

    I am interested in a temporary collaboration.

    Although we prefer our working time to our regular partners, we are still available, and this is your opportunity to test our service.

    Where are you located?

    We are located in the Marolles district in 1000 Brussels.

    Do I need to make a long-term commitment?

    No, of course you cancel whenever you want. Working together means that we will see each other often, we are always available and make it a point of honour to avoid any friction.

    Do I own all the elements of my communication?

    You are the full owner of your website if we create it for you, as well as the photos we take of your products or events.

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