A Street marketing food agency for the hotel and catering industry

There is no better way to convince an audience than to provide them with an experience

Our Food Street Marketing service allows you to create a direct link between your brand and your audience, this can take the form of a tasting, an outdoor event, an ephemeral point of sale or an artistic decoration of your window.

We carry out communication and animation actions within your point of sale, partner points of sale and in the street with the objective of increasing the advertising of your brand and the visibility of your identity and your products.

distribution flyers bruxelles

Flyer distribution

Tasting stands and Food Truck at outdoor events

Advertising in your point of sale, inform your customers directly

Window decoration

Installation of photobooth, electronic buzzer for blind test….

Being at this stage means that we work together and that we have put in place a strategy, we are able to offer you the right places to advertise your business and your service. The communication supports intended to be used during these special events are already in place, such as stands, flyers, advertising objects, Food Truck, we will assist you in your branding.

We can create a sponsorship application according to your specifications and consider the creation of an ASBL in order to register your business within an “parcours d’artiste” in the Brussels or Belgian cultural network. Also, an ASBL allows you to create a merchants’ association and to create sales events or an annual mini festival in order to get closer to your neighbours and expand your activity even further.

Through our field marketing department, we also provide you with talented artists to lead your actions in the field and maintain contact with the public.
We are also looking with you for ways to reduce the costs of these actions, we can provide the necessary technical equipment for these actions and call on sponsors.

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