We are a food communication agency for horeca located in Brussels.

We support you at each step of the communication of your bar, café or restaurant, we work together to consolidate your visual identity, to assist you in the management of your events, and we take care of your community management.

Why use this service?

A restaurant, a bar or a café, is a whole history, a strong identity and a desire to share. Rooted in the local area with a loyal clientele, tourists and passers-by, it is also a competitive sector where habits are made and broken very quickly.

Your communication is conceived by having defined your objectives and needs. We could not work best together if we were not inspired by your identity. That’s why our agency supports you over the long term.

Whatever the medium, working together will bring the solution to every challenge: the building of your brand, your presence on social media and your relations with the written press, the content creation, a technical solution (website, application), your traditional communication needs (print, menu…), a human resources support, or an innovation solution.
Our basic principle is: let’s be creative together.


We proceed step by step so that you can have an overview of our service.


Let us know your needs and we will analyse them together. The advantage of a long-term collaboration is that your project has our full attention.
Describe to us your customers and the one you want to reach and tell us your story. This brief is the starting point of our collaboration.


With your specifications, your needs and the culture of your customers, we develop a communication strategy that takes into account your expertise, the quality of your products, your events and your service. We consolidate your visual identity (logo, menu, flyers, packaging) and your presence on the web. 2


Creativity is the starting impulse. Your business is your passion! Tell us your story and why your products are of high quality. Above all, let us know about your ideas and the visuals that inspire you. Creativity also helps to engage your employees and loyal customers by involving them. 3


It is at this step that we can make you a proposal that best suits your needs: a new website, the creation of flyers, the management of your social networks and online agendas or the photo reporting of your events… Or all this collectively. We can then start implementing targeted actions. 4


This is the heart of our service, we adapt your communication to all media. Whether it’s your menu or flyers, your content on social networks or online agendas, or your press relations. We adapt your communication in order to feed word of mouth and perpetuate your visibility. 5


We provide you with DJs and artists for your events and we ensure their follow-up. We advertise your products at special events: You are a wine bar, why not use a Food Truck and communicate your expertise at outdoor parties such as urban aperitifs or festivals. 6


The advantage of working on a long-term basis is that we are always at your disposal so that you can measure the effectiveness of your communication. We act quickly whether it is for a change on your menu or a new recurring event. We are also intermediaries with the artists. 7

Our services:

Visual identity

You certainly already have a visual identity that defines you and that you love, we do not change anything, our job is to exploit the strengths of this identity to ensure your communication.

Our graphic service

Community management

You want to professionalize your presence on social networks and online agendas in order to make word-of-mouth work, we take care of it.

Our community managment service


Being present on the web is not enough: for your website to be effective, it must be of high quality and every element of your communication plan must be adapted to it.

Our website creation service


We take care of the process of creating your printed materials, we take care of the management of online agendas.
We can also propose artists and ensure direct communication with them.

Our event service

Communication agency for cultural centre

The various driiing members all have a tropism for cultural and urban life.

Our services for cultural centres

Field marketing

There is no better way to convince an audience than to give them an experience.

Our field marketing service

We will take care of your brand communication so that you can have time to develop your business because we know that the restaurant and café industry is a busy business.

80 percent of customers are looking for a restaurant on the internet!
The first step is to consolidate together your brand identity, we create or adapt your website and we identify the most relevant keywords to generate visits on your website and your social networks to turn these prospects into real customers in your bar, café or restaurant. We attract not only local customers, but also foreign and casual customers in Belgium by allowing your brand to be present on the networks they use. And that’s not all, we also work on building relationships with the press and influencers.

We also take care of the daily tasks: updating information about your establishment in online directories and platforms and social networks, correction and adjustment of your print menu. We respond to the opinions left by your customers in order to create a happy community around your brand, and we take care of managing this community on social networks.
You want numbers and a transparent view of the performance of our collaboration: you receive a report (number of views/clicks, feedback on your local SEO…) and we analyse your customers’ comments and opinions to find out what they think about you.

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